From fragments to leads…

At the start of the pandemic a team at Oxford University crystallised and performed a fragment screen in record time before the first lockdown started. They then posted the results on-line, thinking maybe they would get a bit of input from the global chemistry community. The outcome was a tidal wave of ideas and thoughts.  MedChemica’s Ed Griffen joining the project and took on a leading role in the medicinal chemistry effort.  Today a first journal article is published, summarising the progress so far to find small molecule inhibitors.  The weak hits have progressed into lead like compounds – a huge success for everyone involved.

Sars covs bound inhibitor

COVID Moonshot: Open Science Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors by Combining Crowdsourcing, High-Throughput Experiments, Computational Simulations, and Machine Learning


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