Our previous entry talked about the current theme of using deep neural networks, however it’s worth remembering that the field has been here before.  For a really clear and thoughtful exposition of the use of artificial neural networks see Salt and Livingstone’s 1992 paper, which in 6 clear pages covers the essentials of the technique, examples of how ANN’s can fit to different functions, many of the issues and two case studies. For an even more succinct and prescient view, Ichikawa’s 1990 paper is a great read particularly for the phrase:


“the difficulty of the convergence is not caused by the structure of the network but the quantity of the information included in the given data”.


Salt, Yildiz, Livingstone and Tinsley, “The use of artificial neural networks in QSAR.” Pestic. Sci. (1992) 36, 161–170

Aoyama, Suzuki and Ichikawa,  “Neural Networks applied to Structure-Activity Relationships” J. Med .Chem. (1990), 33, 905–908


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