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Accelerating the life sciences ecosystem


Accelerating the life sciences ecosystem

Can we help?

If you need help with SAR knowledge extraction our expertise can help.


MCPairs – the leading knowledge extraction and exploitation platform

  • Maximises knowledge extraction by combining 2 matched molecular pair algorithms
  • Captures the chemical context for rules to deliver the most relevant information
  • Generates ‘rules’ for medicinal chemistry using robust non-parametric statistics
  • Automatically updates rules when new compounds or data are added
  • ‘Instant access’ to matched pairs for SAR analysis
  • Easy to use GUIs for knowledge exploitation
  • Extensive APIs for third party or in-house software integration

Lead Identification and Optimisation Chemistry

  • Improving compounds quickly through Knowledge Based Design
  • Library design for novel protein targets
  • Finding hit material
  • Cutting edge computational chemistry
  • Generating IP for clients in LI and LO projects
  • Reagent Design – Novelty and rationale
  • Collection evaluation and enhancement
  • Pharmacophore profiling
  • Toxophore assessment
  • Third party compound assessment
  • LO project consultancy