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We specialise in molecular design and analysis. With over 40 years of drug hunting experience across all major target classes in 6 disease areas both in Lead Generation, Lead Optimisation and method development our goal is to accelerate the progress of our clients programmes. We have particular expertise in hypothesis based, data driven design and supply software to enable our clients to mine and exploit their own data.

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Suggestion to evidence in 93 seconds

Rapid demonstration of how the MCPairs online enumerator can generate compound suggestions to solve ADMET issues, and then if available drill back to the evidence that provided the suggestions.

Multi parameter visualisation by MMPA in 120s

Demonstration of how multiple properties of molecules can by understood very quickly by looking at matched molecular pair analysis using the MedChemica MCPairs GUI.

Compounds From Rules

The GUI for the compounds suggestion module in MCPairs. Compound suggestions are made to address ADMET issues based on a rule database created using matched molecular pair technology. Available as a web tool with the MCPairs platform or as a webservice.

Spot Design. Nov 2018

Rapidly get background evidence to support your compound design ideas.