Not Burning Enough Calories:

An odd thing has happened, well not that odd really. I wrote recently about the joy of Green Commuting. Last month we moved office to the centre of Macclesfield, which is so much closer to where I live. So what is odd? It mush be easier to Green commute now – yes? Absolutely I have no excuse not to. However the commute is too short!! Yes I am not getting enough exercise. And what with the excellent places to eat out or buy something nice for lunch, I have immediately put on weight. So I had a rethink….

Two changes:

First, so now I either cycle a much longer way into work or a longer ride home. Usefully Macclesfield sits on the edge on moorland so there are some excellent hills to bust a gut on (The Tour of Britain has run through here twice in recent years). Second, I have changed to running in some days. There is an excellent pedestrian route, and has street lighting, so will work well when the nights draw in soon.

Calories: And so I have had to cut the food intake down. We are in a general accord on this in the office. We have had a couple of joyous weeks enjoying the cafes and takeouts of Macclesfield, but we can not keep it up full time. Apologies to all the businesses – you are all just too good. Thinking back to the days when I worked in the lab, I would be on my feet all day, so my food intake was quite high. Once I stopped that, and became office bound, was the first time I had to watch the calories. Oh well same again I guess..

IMG 6180 cafe takeout ranking Macc

The white board should be covered in equations, compound structures, code fragments – currently our ranking of local Macc eateries.

So I am blessed again with options for Green commuting but need to re-thinking my calorie burn… .oh wait hang on.. the Macc Climbing Wall is between the office and home…and it does pizza.